About Cincinnati Public Radio

Cincinnati Public Radio is the broadcast license holder for 90.9 WGUC and 91.7 WVXU and operates 88.5 WMUB under a management agreement with Miami University. The stations serve the Greater Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio communities with the finest in classical music, news, information, and entertainment programming.


Our Mission Statement:

Cincinnati Public Radio Vision:
Cincinnati Public Radio will be the Greater Cincinnati area's finest independent journalistic and entertainment organization, which uniquely informs the regional discussion, and conveys a full range of news, ideas, and culture.

Cincinnati Public Radio Mission:
Cincinnati Public Radio will produce, acquire and distribute programming that meets the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression to create a vibrant community with a more informed and enriched public.

Everything that CPR does will be guided by its underlying values:

Commitment to Serve the Community:
We work with fairness, honesty and openness.

The Greater Whole:
We believe that working in collaboration with others strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission.

Exceeding Expectations:
We aspire to the highest standards of performance in our work and professional relationships.

As stewards of a noncommercial public trust, we manage the resources entrusted to us with integrity and accountability.

Diversity is integral to our mission and we value it in all of our activities.

Financial Information:

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If you would like to receive a copy of our Annual Financial Report to CPB, please contact:
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This page contains certain PUBLIC INSPECTION FILES that are the requirement of the Federal Communications Commission. They are placed here so members of the public may have free access to these reports. These reports are also available for inspection at the offices of Cincinnati Public Radio Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Please contact Rich Eiswerth at 513.352-9185 for assistance with Cincinnati Public Radio's public file, to schedule a visit to review the public file, and for information on reproducing and copying materials of the public file.

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