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A Public Radio Story

Dr. Mary Rose J. Zink is a long-time listener and supporter of Cincinnati Public Radio. She has "carpooled" with 91.7 WVXU daily for decades as she drove from her home in Cincinnati to Wilmington College where she taught psychology, and now on her on the commute to and from Miami University. The station has also accompanied her as she traveled to teach inmates at several Ohio prisons.

Mary Rose credits WVXU with helping her form lecture material and discover new books for her students - especially those classes focusing on psychology, social justice, human sexuality and research. Public radio is also responsible for opening her eyes to many different music genres.

When she participated in StoryCorps, she interviewed her mother about the realities of raising two Down Syndrome children. She also interviewed her father about serving in the Navy as a dentist and an amateur boxer, and how he couldn't hit an opponent once because he had such beautiful teeth!

In addition to making annual contributions to Cincinnati Public Radio, Mary Rose is a member of the station's legacy society. By naming the station as a beneficiary of her will, Mary Rose ensures that the programs she cherishes will be available for future generations.

Mary Rose shares, "I feel I have made exceptional friends – such as Lee Hay, Maryanne Zeleznik, Rick Steves, Jay Hanselman, Tana Weingartner, Terry Gross, Howard Wilkinson, Scott Simon and so many more – who I can turn to for support and who have enhanced my intellect and allowed me dynamic understanding of my community and world."

We are honored by Mary Rose's benevolence. Because of support like hers, Cincinnati Public Radio can continue to engage minds and enrich lives for years to come.

Cincinnati Public Radio has been a treasured part of the Cincinnati community for more than half a century because listeners like you have supported it. Supporting WGUC or WVXU with a bequest in your will, as a beneficiary of your estate plans or through a number of planned giving vehicle options is a wonderful tribute to your own relationship with public radio and Cincinnati.

The Legacy Society recognizes supporters of 90.9 WGUC and 91.7 WVXU who have created a provision in their estate plans or established a planned gift to benefit the stations and have informed Cincinnati Public Radio of this generous intent. Leagcy Society members provide long-term financial stability to the stations.

Your legacy can be tailored to your overall estate plans, and may include, but is not limited to:

*Gifts to Cincinnati Public Radio are subject to the station's gift acceptance polices.

Through your plans, you have the opportunity to:

Legacy Society members are recognized and thanked through on-air testimonials, with private invitations to special events and receptions with featured guests, and within on-line and print publications.

General Information:

Residue of Estate
All the rest, residue and remainder of my property, real and personal, I give, devise and bequeath to Cincinnati Public Radio, Inc., an Ohio corporation not-for-profit, of Cincinnati, Ohio, to be used by it in fulfillment of its mission as its Board of Directors shall determine.
(Note: You may direct residue/remainder to support either 90.9 WGUC or 91.7 WVXU)
Cincinnati Public Radio is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization.

Gifts to Cincinnati Public Radio are deductible for estate tax purposes.

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