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Reach those who make the decisions that influence your business.

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Your company's sponsorship messages provide you with an unrivaled reach to an influential, well-positioned, highly educated audience. Your messages will reach into the homes, automobiles and offices of consumer and business decision makers that regard your messages as a statement of character from a company that supports public radio just like they do.

Our listeners will respond to your messages and visit your establishment; do business with you, and thank you for your support of public radio. It's a testament to the incredible loyalty which public radio enjoys-a loyalty that is unique in the marketing community.

More than 70% of public radio listeners say that a company's support of public radio is a positive influence on their decision to purchase that company's products and services.

80% of public radio listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover that the company supports public radio.

-- Audience Research Analysis

Our listeners are characterized by their advanced education, professional positions in the community and their affluence. Start reaching this highly desirable market with a sponsorship program designed to reach your company's objectives.

Sponsorships, display banners on our award-winning web site and e-newsletters are a highly targeted and effective complement as an integral part of your media mix.

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