Cincinnati Public Radio

Cincinnati Public Radio Vision and Mission

Cincinnati Public Radio Vision:
Cincinnati Public Radio will be the Greater Cincinnati area's finest independent journalistic and entertainment organization, which uniquely informs the regional discussion, and conveys a full range of news, ideas, and culture.

Cincinnati Public Radio Mission:
Cincinnati Public Radio will produce, acquire and distribute programming that meets the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression to create a vibrant community with a more informed and enriched public.

Everything that CPR does will be guided by its underlying values:

Commitment to Serve the Community:
We work with fairness, honesty and openness.

The Greater Whole:
We believe that working in collaboration with others strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission.

Exceeding Expectations:
We aspire to the highest standards of performance in our work and professional relationships.

As stewards of a noncommercial public trust, we manage the resources entrusted to us with integrity and accountability.

Diversity is integral to our mission and we value it in all of our activities.

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